Student Information

IIT has been teaching students from all over the world for more than three decades

  • IIT offers Full-time/part-time, day evening and Saturday classes
  • IIT has top notch and highly qualified instructors with strong academic, educational and training background
  • IIT offers on-site airline computer reservation training
  • IIT offers job placement assistance
  • IIT offers a financial plan to those who qualify
  • Tuition fees are tax deductible
Field Trips and Trade Shows

During the course(s) there may be trips outside the Institute to visit hotels, the airport, etc. Students are expected to wear business attire. On occasion a fee may be charged for transportation, admissions, etc.

On occasion we receive invitations to industry events which sometimes invite students to participate. No student may participate in draws or door prizes given (these are restricted to industry personnel).

IITravel Policies

You can check the College Policies HERE and Sexual Violence and Harassament Policy HERE.