International Travel and Tourism Diploma


The International Travel and Tourism Diploma program will particularly suit those individuals who seek an international career in the Travel Industry, and will be especially useful for foreign students who wish to make use of their training in their countries of origin. It will also be ideal for individuals who wish to work in accredited travel agencies.

International Travel and Tourism Diploma

Upon completion of this program you will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills required to pursue a variety of positions in the Travel and Tourism industry anywhere in the world.

The material covered in this program includes the following:

The Business of Tourism Management - Management in Tourism Businesses, Management issues, Managing a small tourism organisation, Financial and accounting for Tourism, Management information systems in Tourism, Strategy in Tourism, Visitor attraction management.

Transport and Tourism Management - Managing Supply, Managing Tourism Transport, Global Challenges, Types of innovation in Tourism.

The Business Environment of the Travel and Tourism Industry - The role of the travel agent, income - generating activities, main travel business sectors, essential requirements of a successful destination, business requirements & commercial skills needed, types of employment opportunities, desirable characteristics & skills of a travel professional, major travel organizations, and the role of regional and national organizations.

Geography in Travel Planning - The importance of geography, reading & utilizing maps, city and airport codes, planning basic itinerary in sequence, time zones & elapsed travel times, local currencies, and modes of transport in various regions.

Travel Formalities - Types of passports, visas & other travel documents, health & preventative measures, taxes & interpreting customs & currency information, different forms of payment, travel insurance, auxiliary services & information provided, and a travel agent's responsibilities relating to documents & providing up to date information.

Rail, Car, Hotels - Several types, evaluating features & recommending best choice, terminology, using printed & electronic resource info, rate structures & quoting rates, booking rooms & types of vouchers, terms & conditions, etc.

Cruises - Types of ferry services & types of vessels used, selecting a ferry, pricing, booking, ticketing & accounting procedures, conditions of carriage.

Tour Packages - Types of tours & components of pre-packaged tours, using a tour brochure & pricing tours, reservations & accounting procedures, booking conditions & limitations of liability.

Air Transport Essentials - Airline designator codes, book & facilitate passengers, usage of air schedules, baggage & pets, aircraft types, classes of service & in-flight services, airport facilities, and international air transport regulations.

Customer Service - Role of a positive impact travel agent, VIP service, responding to customers needs, handling upset customers, stress & coping with stress.

Technology in the Travel Industry - Relationship between technology & the Travel Industry, hardware & software, functions of various software programs, the Windows operating system & networking, types of information technology used in travel, the global distribution systems, their development & functions, booking within a GDS, the Internet, search engines, and Web sites.

Air Fares and Ticketing - The Passenger Air Tariff, the journey concept, global indicators, international sale indicators, fares selection criteria, currency rules, specified routings, SITI one-way through fare construction, SITI round trip & circle trip fare construction, add-ons, mixed classes, ticketing, credit cards, taxes, fees & charges, children & infant fares, special fares, BSP.

Apollo/SABRE/Amadeus/Galileo/Abacus CRT - Airline reservations, airline fares & ticketing, car reservations, and hotel reservations.


Full-Time - Courses are offered from Monday through Friday. Morning and Evening Classes are available.