International Travel and Tourism Diploma


This program will particularly suit those individuals who seek an international career in the Travel Industry. Designed for those who are looking for a strong foundation in the travel and tourism sectors with management aspects and global perspectives.

International Travel and Tourism Diploma

Upon completion of this program you will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills required to pursue a variety of positions in the Travel and Tourism industry anywhere in the world.

The contents covered in this program includes the following:

The Business of Tourism Management - The evolution of Tourim, Management in Tourism Businesses, Management issues, Managing a small tourism organisation, Financial and accounting for Tourism, Management information systems in Tourism, Strategy in Tourism, Visitor attraction management, The future of the Tourism Industry.

Transportation and Tourism Global Perspectives - Understanding Tourism Transport, Contemporary issues, Analysing the demand for tourist travel, Managing Supply Issues, Managing infrastructure, Environmental impacts, Global Challenges, Prospects and challenges.

Airline Tariff & Ticketing - Training is given in the correct manner of filling out airline tickets, e-tickets, calculating fares and using air line industry handbooks. Topics covered: Billing and Settlement Plan, Normal Fares, Special Fares, Refunds and Exchanges, Credit Card Forms, MCO's, Issuing Tickets, Conjunction Tickets, Add-on Amounts, Intermediate Fares and Surcharges, International OAG, Worldwide Fares, Neutral Units of Conversion (NUC's) and Foreign Currency Adjustments.

Travel Agency Operations - A broadly based practical course is offered which includes the following topics: Travel Documentation, Charters, Train and Bus Fundamentals, Car Rental, Hotel and Resort Fundamentals, Package Tours and Travel Insurance. Emphasis is placed on making reservations, handling bookings, price calculations and the use of timetables, travel guides, brochures and industry handbooks (TIM, Hotel & Travel Index, etc.)

World Destinations - This is an intensive study of topography, population, climate, culture and tourist attractions in countries and areas worldwide, including North, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia and Oceania. Some lessons are illustrated with slides and films.

Sales and Marketing - A course designed to improve marketing and sales techniques with specific reference to the Travel Industry and developing the following aspects: the creation of a regular clientele, term planning objectives, improvement in productivity, promotion, advertising and closing sales.

GDS (Global Reservation System) - Practical system training to fulfill the following functions: Fare Quotes, Airline Schedules/Reservations, Hotel and Car Rental Bookings, Flight Bookings, Availability Displays, Hotel Reservations and others.

 Field Placement - An opportunity to gain vital work experience.


Full-Time - Courses are offered from Monday through Friday. Morning and Evening Classes are available.

Program Duration
International Travel and Tourism Diploma 92 Weeks
with Co-Op & scheduled breaks