The staff at IIT is so nice and helpful! I have just graduated the Travel & Tourism Diploma program and I only have great things to remember. Teachers were well prepared and the computer based part of the diploma was pretty straight forward. Totally recommended!

Avraham Gadeh

Beautiful people working there. Courses are thorough and easily understandable for foreign students. All in all 10/10. Great experience!

Dominik Kempe

My husband and I always make it a point to go to a different country 1-2 times a year as reward for all the hard work that we do. We have been to 30 cities and 20 different countries; and because of this passion for wanderlust, we have decided to pursue a career in Tourism. Due to IIT’s flexible schedule, we were able to take a course in Travel and Tourism in February 2020. However, it was at that time when COVID hit worldwide and the pandemic caused a significant drop in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Despite that, IIT ensured that we were able to successfully finish our course through online learning and revised payment plans. Even if it has been a challenge to look for employment during the pandemic, IIT religiously sends us job postings and checks up on students as support during this difficult time. We are very grateful that we have come across IIT and met all their hardworking and friendly staff. Because of this course, we have successfully transitioned from being International Students to Permanent Residents of Canada. Thank you IIT for making our Canadian dreams come true!

Javier and Elisa Cruz

I registered with the International Institute of Travel & Business in the Travel & Tourism diploma program. The experience has been an amazing one and I love the program. Also, the staff there have been very helpful in terms of helping me with my resume/career goals and providing me with crucial feedback. Anyone interested in working in the field of Travel & Tourism should definitely get in touch for more information.

Mohsin Malik

At IIT all the staff (admin and teachers) are extremely professionals and committed to helping us to achieve our goals as students in a foreign country.

Viridiana Z.V.
Mexico City