A Career in Travel

Did You Know...
  • The tourism industry employs more people than any other industry
  • The tourism industry employs more females than any other industry, creating a picture of global gender equality at workplace.
  • The tourism industry contributes maximum to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product (GNP) than any other industry, according to World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).
  • There will be serious labour shortages in tourism in the coming years.
  • Tourism is the world's largest industry, worth about $2.8 trillion. In Canada, it employs 1.4 million workers, about 10 percent of Canadian workforce and it accounts for 90,000 jobs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
The following is a brief job description of the most popular areas in travel/tourism which our graduates have found employment:

Reservation Agent: For Airlines, Tour Operators, Hotels, Car Rental Agencies, Cruise Lines. A very valuable area of the industry is in the making of reservations. You are trained to complete the tasks required for this duty.

Passenger Agent: Personnel who work at airports to assist passengers with different aspects of their arrangements including check-in.

Destination Representative: The person at a foreign destination representing a company whose duties include customer service and extra travel arrangements.

Cruise Directors/Staff: Personnel who provide customer service to passengers in the area of entertainment, activities and shore excursions.

Product Development: The area of the industry that plans, organizes and develops product for sale and marketing. This position offers a challenge to the creative individual.

Travel Counsellor: Working in a Travel Agency and providing full travel service to the general public.

Tour Guide: The person who escorts tour groups to their destination. This exciting position offers many travel opportunities.

Sales Representative: A person who promotes and represents travel related company to the travel industry and corporate organizations.

Ticket Agent: The person who calculates airfares and prepares tickets for airlines, cruise lines and wholesale companies.

Flight Attendant: Airline personnel who provide service aboard an aircraft.


Tour Managers: The person who creatively forecasts, packages, budget and design and promote leisure - holiday travel.

Tourism Marketing/Sales Managers: The person who maintains consumer profiles, sales distribution network, service quality and initiates marketing and management principles and help build successful practices.

Catering & Banquet Managers: The person who effectively manages outstanding guest experience and a successful food service operation, set guarantees for an event and the set of grazing stations and combination meal plates.

Hotel/Motel Managers: The person who understands the dependency and complex co-ordination demanded in an entire property and also devises methods of marketing a property, builds customer relations and dealing with international visitors.

Travel Agency Managers: The person responsible for the day-to-day operations of a full-service travel agency and the responsibility area includes effectively managing small business operations, maintaining cash-flow, office expenses, customer service, marketing and promoting a business and taking advantage of travel discounts.

International Destination Managers: The person with indepth cultural introspection of the touristic region and with the sales-geography philosophy addresses topics such as travel to the destination, local modes of transportation, trip highlights and day trips, lodging options, and allied destination and event management.

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