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The Hospitality Diploma programme is suitable for those students seeking to find entry level jobs in hotels, resorts, and motels.

The programme's curriculum has been endorsed by the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association, and the course includes the AH & MA's textbooks. Students who pass the course will receive the Institute's Hospitality Diploma.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry - history of the industry; its organization & structure; and the various divisions which make up the lodging and food service sectors.

Managing Front Office Operations - an overview of the lodging industry; hotel organization & reservations; registration; responsibilities; accounting; check out and bill settlement; night audit; planning & evaluating; revenue control; and human resources.

Food & Beverage Service - service management, menu development; food /beverage service style and procedures; supplies & equipment; design & décor; sanitation and safety; labour & revenue control, casual /theme restaurants, banquets; & catered events; room service; on- site food service.

Sales and Marketing - current trends; marketing plans; the sales office; personal sales; telephone sales; Internal sales; restaurant /lounge sales; catering/ meeting room sales; advertising & public relations; and business travelers/ travel agents/other special segments.

Course Duration & Times

Note - Hospitality Diploma programmes are full time only and are offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00pm.

Introduction to Hospitality Industry 4 weeks
Managing Front Office Operations
4 weeks
Food & Beverage Service
4 weeks
Sales & Marketing
4 weeks

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